The Competition

The Fred Day Cup is the county individual tournament for players associated with the Bucks League. Fred was a stalwart of Buckinghamshire chess performing many roles, not least as a former controller of the Bucks Individual Championship.

There was no competition in 2023-2024. Come  back next season for the next event.

Player Eligibility

At least one of:

  • Born in Buckinghamshire.
  • Student in Buckinghamshire.
  • Buckinghamshire residency.
  • Member of a BCCA constituent chess club.

All entrants must hold ECF Bronze membership or higher.

Entry Fee

The tournament has not been held for a couple of years so, for this year, there is no entry fee!



The prize fund (£60) will be distributed according to the number of divisions (and therefore entries).


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3
































In addition, the winner of Division One will have their name inscribed on the Fred Day Cup with which they can adorn their mantlepiece until the following season. Ray Sayers is the current holder.

Tournament Format

This is an all-play all tournament which can be played at your convenience. It is divided into sections, typically, of between six and ten players resulting in between five and nine games. Sections will be determined mainly by ECF Standard Rating although, depending on numbers, promotions/relegations from previous seasons might be considered.

In the event of a tie for a place, the default option is that the place will be shared unless both players agree to play-off in which case colours will be reversed from the original pairing. If a place is tied by multiple players who all wish to play-off, the controller will advise.

Rating Submissions

The ECF League Management System (LMS) will automatically submit results to the ECF for monthly rating.

Time control

The game format is standard play. 

  • Digital Clock - G80 + 10 seconds per move starting from move one.
  • Analogue Clock - G90.

In either case, the usual five minute laws apply.


Pairings will be assigned for the months between January and May. Games should be completed before 30th June 2024 although there will be no pairings in June because some venues will be closed.

The assigned pairing months will not be enforced - it doesn't matter if April's games are played in January or vice versa or even if all your games have been completed before March. On the other hand the controller would like to see evidence that progress is being made, even if it's just some agreed dates. Family/work/health issues can always intervene but, if you do enter, you should do so with the expectation of completing all games otherwise it is unfair for your opponents. The entry form does allow you to make your entry conditional on the maximum number of games that you would be prepared to play.

The LMS will automatically pre-assign colours. 


Black has the choice/responsibility of suggesting a venue and ensuring availability of a board, set, and reliable clock. By default, the venue is the home club of the player of the black pieces but could easily be elsewhere e.g.

  • Home club of the player of the white pieces
  • Another club (do arrange this with the relevant club officer first)
  • Either player's home
  • A pub/club/community centre or other public space. If noise and/or distractions are a known possibility it would be courteous to advise your opponent before the match.

Black should contact his opponent before the start of the game month (except for January, obviously). If white wishes to be a pro-active and make first contact, that is not a problem.

Final day for entries

Sunday 14th January 2024